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“I used the Abstract Reasoning section as I found the website the night before my test and I was pretty bad at AR. In my official exam my AR was my 2nd best section at 860! Overall, I thought the website was a very useful resource from what I saw and I liked the algorithm that showed skill in particular question types.”

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UCAT Preparation

Prepare for your UCAT with our AI-powered, adaptive question bank

Our state of the art algorithms and over 7,000 questions will take your UCAT preparation to the next level and help you progress faster than ever.

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Applying to Medical School

A Complete Guide to Medical School Interviews

The guide provides you with topics which may arise at your interview and supports you to develop techniques to answer different questions and scenarios effectively.

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OSCE Skills

Prepare for your OSCEs with our free guides

Each guide is handwritten and vetted by medical professionals, and feature exclusive photography.

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Articles and resources to help you when applying to Medical School

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UCAT 2022 - Complete Guide

Our complete guide has everything you need to score highly in the UCAT and get into medical school.

Jan 7, 2022

Free UCAT Practice Test

A free UCAT practice test to help you prepare for the 2022 exam. We've designed the test to mimic the actual exam.

Jan 6, 2022

UCAT Preparation: A Step-By-Step Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you prepare successfully for the UCAT and get into your favourite medical school.

Apr 29, 2021
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