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Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Guide

All UK medical schools require potential candidates to attend an interview as part of their selection process, with the majority of medical schools now adopting the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) format.

Applications —
Jan 21, 2021

Medicine Entry Requirements

The process of applying for medical school can seem daunting. The different courses available, the varying entry requirements and the pressure to ensure you choose the right university for you can all make this...

Applications —
May 25, 2020

Best Medical Schools UK

Understandably, the decision about which medical school to attend is a big one; if you’re beginning to think about your application and where to choose to study, you may want to start by comparing...

Applications —
May 24, 2020

UCAT 2021 - Complete Guide

If you’re planning to apply to a UK medical school in 2021 (to begin studying in 2022) then it’s likely that you’ll need to complete an entry / admissions test, such as the UCAT.

Mar 9, 2021

How to prepare for the UCAT

The University Clinical Aptitude test or UCAT (formerly UKCAT) is the standard test for entry into Medical School in the UK. There are six steps to follow in order to prepare effectively.

Nov 19, 2020

UCAT Practice Questions

UCAT practice questions and tests should play a key role in your exam preparation. Many UK medical schools include the UCAT (The University Clinical Aptitude Test) as part of their entry criteria; therefore, to be successful in the selection process for these universities, it’s important that you practice for the UCAT and achieve a score that meets or exceeds their entry score.

May 19, 2020


Intercalation is the process of taking a year out of medical school to obtain an additional degree and is one of the many privileges afforded to medical students.

MEdical School —
Oct 28, 2020