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UCAT Quick Facts
Duration 2 hours
Cost £70 (taken within the UK)
£115 (taken outside the UK)
Test dates for 2023 10 July – 28 September
Registration opens (account creation) 16 May 2023
Booking opens 20 June – 28 September 2023
Sections Verbal Reasoning
Decision Making
Quantitative Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Situational Judgement

What is the UCAT?

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a 2-hour multiple-choice admissions exam used by the majority of UK medical schools. It is taken by approximately 37,000 students each year as part of medicine and dentistry applications.

See more information about the UCAT.

What does the UCAT test?

The UCAT assesses your mental ability, characteristics, attitudes and professional behaviours needed for medical school.

The exam is formatted into the following five sections:

Learn more about the UCAT format and sections

How is the UCAT scored?

The Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning subtests are scored in the same way. Your raw score is converted into a scale score between 300–900 for each section. Situational Judgement is scored differently, with your grade expressed as a band, graded 1–4.

Find out more about UCAT scoring and the UCAT decile ranking.

Which medical schools use the UCAT?

The majority of UK medical schools include an admissions exam as part of their entry criteria and UCAT is the most widely used.

See the full list of universities that use the UCAT.

When can I register for the UCAT?

For the 2023 UCAT cycle (for 2024 entry), account creation/registration opens on 16 May 2023 and booking is open between 20 June – 21 September 2023. The exam period will run from 10 July – 28 September 2023. 

See more information about UCAT dates, including bursary scheme and access arrangements applications

How much does the UCAT cost?

If you take the UCAT within the UK, the fee is £70 for 2023. Alternatively, the exam can be taken outside of the UK for a fee of £115 for 2023.

Learn more about the UCAT bursary and if you meet the eligibility criteria.

How can I prepare for the UCAT? 

You should focus on revising the key topics included in the UCAT (see the individual sections above) and completing practice questions and mock exams. 

Find out more about preparing effectively for the UCAT with our step-by-step guide. Short on time, there’s also a condensed version.

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