All About You


In this section we’ll focus on your motivation and interest in medicine, your personal qualities and personal insight, and any relevant work experience. We’ll cover the types of questions you may be asked in relation to these areas and suggest how to approach answering them.

Your motivation to study, and subsequently practice medicine, is a common theme in medical school interviews. Admission assessors will be looking for applicants who demonstrate not only a determination and passion for medical school, but also an interest in medicine and an understanding of the role of a medical professional. 

Regardless of which medical school you attend for interview, there will be a significant focus on your personal qualities which make you a suitable candidate for studying medicine. You will also be expected to demonstrate personal insight, by reflecting on your abilities, your areas for development and how you can make improvements to these. 

Relevant work experience is an important element of your medical school interview; it underpins all aspects covered in this section, and supports you to demonstrate that you understand the role you’ll be undertaking and have the relevant skills and qualities to be successful. 

This section provides an insight into the types of questions you may be asked about yourself, and supports you to reflect on your skills, qualities and experiences, to enable you to give a personal response to each.