Medical Schools

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

In this section we’ll focus on the types of questions you may be asked about the medical school itself and how to approach answering them. You’ll also find information about the individual medical schools and their interview process within this section.

Questions about the medical school present you with an opportunity to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the university and the course which you’re hoping to embark on. It’s imperative that when faced with these types of questions that you’re able to answer them well and show a genuine interest in the medical school and the course. 

It goes without saying that medical schools want to offer places to applicants who are passionate and knowledgeable about where they have chosen to study. The key to being able to answer questions regarding the medical school, which show a well researched and considered approach to your application, is doing the research, which no doubt you already have. What this section will show you is the types of questions you may be asked and therefore areas which you may need to research further about your chosen medical school/s.