NHS & Medical Knowledge


In this section we’ll focus on your knowledge of the NHS, medical ethics and current topics of interest within medicine. We’ll cover the types of questions you may be asked and suggest how to approach answering them.

Closely related to the ‘Depth and Breadth of Interest’ section, your NHS and medical knowledge demonstrates to medical school selection panels not only your understanding, but also your interest, in topics relating to medicine. 

Having a brief understanding of the history of the NHS and recent developments within it, will support you to answer related questions and confidently discuss topics such as regulating and improving the NHS, and the priorities and aims of the NHS in the future. 

Likewise, an awareness of medical ethics is essential for your interview; this will ensure that you can discuss topics or scenarios which require ethical consideration or decision-making, and demonstrate your awareness of medical ethics and your responsibilities in relation to these. 

During your interview, you may also be asked to discuss relevant current topics, which will often have associated ethical issues; an awareness of medical ethics will support you to understand and be able to critically discuss the ethical implications related to the topics. You’ll also need to be aware of current ‘hot’ topics, related to the NHS and medicine more generally, which you may be asked about. 

This section will provide you with background information on the NHS and its recent changes that you need to be aware of, medical ethics and where to find support in relation to these, and current topics relating to medicine, to enable you to develop your knowledge and understanding, and support you to begin researching areas further, if required.